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The Most OEM Approved Resistance Spot Welder

The TECNA 3664P Smart Plus is an end of assembly line welder for auto makers. TECNA is the only brand on the market that manufactures welders for the vehicle assembly line and transfers that same technology for after sales utilization in the collision repair environment. Therefore, collision repair centers can own the same technology to Repair it Like They Built It.

Electricity Requirements: 3 Phase, 230V, 60 amp
Applications: Galvanized to Ultra High Strength Steel and Boron
Available Attachments: Optional Arms, Optional Electrodes
Consumables: Electrode Caps, copper paste


– Maintains all standards and certifications available in the US marketTecna 3664P Welder Parts
– Zero user input system with TENCA Smart Technology
– All Steel grade applications, no restriction
– Fully water-cooled, including transformer, diodes, welding gun, arms and electrode
– Double insulated to add to life of welder
– Increased duty cycle due to cooling capabilities
– Output power 14,000 amps.
– Squeeze force 1125-1575 lbs. max
– Touch screen control
– Lightweight cables


The TECNA 3664P Smart Plus employs TECNA Smart Technology that allows the welder to perform with little or no operator input. TECNA supplies the welder model 3664 with two levels of SMART welding modes.

SMART – PLUS Welding Mode SMART Welding Mode EASY Welding Mode EXPERT Welding Mode Welding Modes SMART-Plus and SMART
 Welding system seamlessly sets welding parameters WITHOUT ANY operator input. SMART-Plus detects material type. SMART-Plus detects thickness of material.  Operator enters material information such as material type, thickness, and number of layers.  Allows user to set current, weld duration and squeeze force
to perform weld requiring special parameters.
Pre-set welding parameters by car manufacturer, model and area of car body to be welded.  Have easy to read red, yellow, green lights indicating the quality of each completed weld.
 SMART-Plus recognizes connected gun.  The SMART control senses incorrectly entered information and it can adjust as needed or interrupt the weld and inform the user.  Save your own personal weld parameters in memory.  The Smart Control Welder Model 3663 easily welds Boron and other high strength steels as well.
 SMART-Plus C-Trans Gun 8679TS with built in sensors works effortlessly with SMART-Plus software.  The SMART control recalibrates itself as required resetting the baseline to adapt for changes in the shape and cleanliness of the electrode.


In fully automatic SMART-Plus mode, operators will not need to input any information. The welder automatically determines the thickness and type of steel to be welded. The welder sets all parameters including output power, weld time, and squeeze force. The weld and weld settings are monitored and adjusted 2000 times per second producing a factory quality weld.

In SMART mode, the operator enters information such as type of steel, number of layers and thickness. The welder then compares the information entered by the operator to what it senses. If the information is marginally different, the welder overrides the information entered and performs the weld. If the information entered is too different from what the welder senses, it will alert the operator with a red light on the touch screen and will not perform the weld.


OEMs invest a considerable amount of time and money evaluating and testing equipment for approval. They confirm the welder is capable of performing assembly line quality welds and take into consideration product availability and after sales technical support.

TECNA® is the only brand that manufactures welders for the assembly line AND the collision repair shop.