FAN Fronius MIG Pulse+ 270i

Fan Fronius Welder

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Welder Type: Synchro Pulse Welder
Electricity Requirements: Multivoltage | 200-460V

– Digital Welding Technology
– Pre-Programmed Characteristics for Easy & Precise Operation
– Quicker processor performance
– Pulse package including SynchroPulse
– Easy update: Ethernet and USB interface
– Welding data documentation
– Multilanguage display (22 Languages)

Automotive Collision Repair special characteristics:

– Steel, CrNi, Aisi, AIMg, CuSi, CuAI, SP, CrNi
– Tack function
– Interval welding
– Electrode welding
– Viewing window for the wirespool + LED interval lighting
– Wire-feed unity with 4-roller drive
– Welding torch with LED and up/down function

Meets or exceeds any manufacturers’ requirements for aluminum welding certifications.
Approved by Mercedes-Benz


Fronius is well known as a world market leader in “perfect welding” technology through innovation and intuitive design that meet and exceed industry standards.

Fronius International GmbH is the global manufacturing site for all Fronius welders and the parent company of all Fronius subsidiaries, including Fronius USA and FAN Austria, the after sales vehicle repair division.

RI-FAN Spot Welder

      • Market Leader in Welding Technology
      • Manufactured in Austria
      • 2 year Parts and Labor Warranty
      • 10 year Parts Availability

FAN is the supply and distribution channel for Fronius International automotive aftersales worldwide and obtains approvals from the automakers for each product.  FAN welders are designed for the automotive industry with exclusive auto collision repair software, ergonomic ease of use design, safety, and operation features.

By exclusive arrangement between Fronius GmbH, FAN Austria and Robaina Industries Inc, Robaina Industries Inc, dba Eurocar-Bench Systems is the exclusive importer and distributor for the North American market.