OEM Approved Aluminum Repair Tools & Equipment

Fan Fronius Welder
FAN Fronius TPS 2700 Welder
AN Fronius TPS 2700 CMT Aluminum MIG/MAG
FAN Fronius VAS 6388A Aluminum Welder

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Auto manufacturers are incorporating more aluminum for body panels, engine components, and structural parts to build vehicles that provide optimum performance, fuel economy, and strength.

The auto collision repair industry is therefore is adapting to be prepared and capable of handling aluminum repairs which have strict guidelines and require specialized equipment due to the inherent nature of aluminum and its’ interaction with other metals and the environment.

Featured Aluminum Repair Tools and Equipment:

FAN Fronius Stud Welder

FAN Proton MIG Pulse+ 270i

FAN Fronius ALU MIG/MAG TPS 2700

FAN Fronius ALU TPS 2700 CMT

RI Aluminum & Carbon Fiber Dust Vacuum 


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