Top Productivity Tips

Top producing auto collision repair centers know how investing in high quality welding equipment can provide the capability to improve overall productivity and quality of repairs.

It is the operation of the equipment, however, that is the key factor of productivity.

How is this accomplished?

Consider a high performance Formula1 car.  Without a trained driver, who had the skills of racing and knew the capabilities of the car in various settings and conditions, could not alone qualify for a race entry.

Similarly, technicians with specialized welder training provide multiple advantages to improve welder performance and job productivity.

Advantage of Welder Operation Training

Trained welder operators reduce over 90% of common technical service questions that cause downtimes, and prevent costly parts replacements from misuse.

Our welder operator courses provide technicians with the confidence of understanding:

Proper safety
Best operation practices
Daily welder care
Annual Maintenance Recommendations


Register for Training

All new welder installations and service appointments include training for your shop’s welder operators.

As with all professional fields, continuing education is critical in practicing and perfecting skills, keeping up-to-date with newest technologies, auto manufacturer updates.

Have new technicians? Need refresher training?
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