Rental Center

Largest US Rental Center for CELETTE® Fixture Sets

Our customers have exclusive access to our CELETTE® equipment rental center.  Though our distribution area for sales and service includes the entire US West Coast, our rental center currently serves the California, Nevada and Oklahoma territories.

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OEM Approvals:  Audi |  BMW  |  Ferrari  |  Jaguar  |  Mercedes Benz  |  Porsche |  Rolls Royce


The CELETTE Bench System guarantees a predictable and correct outcome every time.

– Duplication of the factory build process |   100% accuracy.
– Based on auto manufacturer blueprints.
– Model specific Fixture Sets.
– Repair with Mechanicals In OR Out.
– Light – Medium – Heavy repairs.

The CELETTE Fixtures may include:

– MAIN body fixture set.
– SIDE body set.
– OVERHEAD gantry.
– COMPLIMENTARY set for newer model vehicles.

The CELETTE® Bench Systems resolves the most common problems repair technicians face:

– Diagnostics  |  Measuring  |  Holding of car  |  Parts Replacement
Many certification programs approve and require CELETTE® equipment. Robaina Industries Inc is the exclusive CELETTE® distributor for the West Coast.