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CELETTE Fixture Sets – All New Packaging

OEM Approvals:   Acura   Audi   Bentley   BMW     Buick   Ferrari   Ford/Lincoln   Honda   Jaguar     Land Rover/Range Rover   Lamborghini   Lexus   McLaren   Mercedes Benz     Mini   Nissan   Porsche    Rolls Royce   Smart   Sprinter   Toyota   VW VAS

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CELETTE Fixture Sets are now sold with all new packaging designed for increased mobility, organization and ease of use.

Design Features:
– Increased Mobility with Castor Wheels

– Stacking Compartments for all Parts and Bolts

– Easy to Read Labels

– Lock & Unlock Compartments for Easy Storage

– Custom Foam inserts for quick inventory of small parts


CELETTE Fixture Set – New Packaging

Fixture Sets are to be used with the Sevenne Bench, Sevenne XL or Griffon Bench.

SEVENNE Bench – Standard Length – Most Popular Bench

SEVENNE XL Bench – For Extended Wheelbase vehicles including Mercedes-Benz, Jaguar

GRIFFON Bench – Drive on ramps, bench lift and inner lifting system for the vehicle

CELETTE Fixture Sets are also available through our Rental Center.



CELETTE products are made in France and are certified internationally. The company is present in over 100 countries around the world.

Robaina Industries Inc. is the Exclusive CELETTE Distributor for the US West Coast including California, Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Washington, Utah, Oklahoma.

We were carefully selected by the CELETTE and receive regular training to distribute, install, train and provide support for this brand.

Our highly trained technicians have backgrounds in automotive industry and fully understand the advanced auto collision structural technology products and its applications.