Griffon Bench


OEM Approvals:   Acura  | Audi |  Bentley | BMW  |  Buick | Ferrari | Ford/Lincoln | Honda|  Jaguar  |  Land Rover/Range Rover | Lamborghini | Lexus | McLaren | Mercedes Benz  |  Mini | Nissan | Porsche |  Rolls Royce | Smart | Sprinter | Toyota | VW VAS


Celette Griffon Bench

 Drive on ramps, bench lift and inner lifting system for the vehicle


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The CELETTE Bench System guarantees a predictable and correct outcome every time.

– Duplication of the factory build process |  100% accuracy
– Based on auto manufacturer blueprints
– Model specific Fixture Sets for Anchoring, Measuring and New Part Positioning

Industry Advantages:

– Repair with Mechanicals In OR Mechanicals Out
– Light – Medium – Heavy repairs
– Repair and Align structural parts to 100% accuracy
– Simultaneously control dimensions over the entire vehicle chassis

The system resolves the most common problems repair technicians face:

– Diagnostics  |  Measuring  |  Holding of car  |  Parts Replacement
– Higher functionality than common “universal” equipment
– Repair predictability is unsurpassed by any other style of straightening equipment