Repair Centers need only to follow the Auto Manufacturer’s Repair Process Plans, utilizing certified equipment, to most accurately repair the vehicle back to factory build specifications ensuring a quality repair and a safe vehicle.

As Auto Manufacturers continue to utilize and implement lighter, stronger, and more advanced materials, the Auto Collision Repair Process has and continues to evolve as well.

OEM Certified Auto Collision Repair Systems

Diagnostics – CELETTE  Naja 3D Measuring System

Structural Repair –  CELETTE  Bench System

Aluminum Repair – FAN-Fronius Welders, RI Tools and Equipment

Carbon Fiber Repair – RI Tools and Equipment

Panel Repair – RI Tools and Equipment

Welding Technology – FAN-Fronius Welders, TECNA Spot Welding

Partner for Success

By providing only the world’s leading brands of Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Certified Auto Collision Repair Process Tools and Equipment, Robaina Industries Inc dba Eurocar-Bench Systems, operates as a partner to support the success of the industry.