CELETTE Spotlight

CELETTE Perfects Light Repairs

True Story – A collision repair Estimator visually assessed the damage on a vehicle that just came into the shop. He wanted to start the repair, not using a bench, since it was just light damage. He estimated it was about a $2000 job with just the bumper, headlight, and light fender damage. The shop manager, however, familiar with the advantages of the CELETTE equipment, mandated for a technician to “bench it,” stating that “CELETTE equipment is great for light repairs because the factory blueprint measurements will tell you where it’s off.”

Aha! Setting up the car on the bench, the Estimator, Technician and Shop Manager found that the job was not just a $2,000 repair, but a $4000 repair.  The visually undetectable damage could have been from this collision, a previous collision, or previous incomplete repair.  If not addressed, it would have affected the repair of the total vehicle including causing issues on the fit of new parts, lengthening the time of the repair job and reducing productivity. Therefore, as CELETTE states “You cannot manage what you do not measure.”

Moral of the Story:   CELETTE Equipment is for light AND heavy repairs.

Use CELETTE Equipment to measure, to repair complete damage, and to have no fear of callbacks.