CELETTE Fixture Set Up Options

Mechanicals in or out?

The CELETTE bench system can be utilized with mechanicals in or out, each for different stages of the repair process.

It is a system completely designed with the repair technician in mind.  CELETTE offers a complete set of opportunities to measure, hold and pull as per auto manufacturer blueprints and repair plans for each make and model of vehicle.


*Refer to the Fixture Set Up Sheet and look for the vehicle diagram on the top of the sheet
which indicates whether it is the set up instructions for mechanicals in or out.

Vehicle Diagram for MECHANICALS IN


Mechanicals IN = Diagnostic Set Up

If the wheels are IN on the Set Up Sheet diagram, this is the “Mechanicals In” or “Diagnostic” Set Up instructions.

This Set Up is recommended for the diagnostic process only. This set up does not offer enough holding capacity to protect undamaged areas, mechanical components and/or the CELETTE fixtures. Therefore pulling is not recommended with this set up.



Vehicle Diagram for MECHANICALS OUT

Mechanicals OUT = Repair Set Up

If the wheels are OUT on the Set Up Sheet diagram, this is the “Mechanicals Out” or “Repair” Set Up instructions for when suspension components are removed.

This set up is used to align, repair or replace body shell components and/or chassis or structural components.  Pulling techniques are allowed if performed by a CELETTE Certified Technician.




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