Auto Collision Repair Diagnostics with CELETTE Naja Evolution 3D

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Course Overview:

This course provides hands-on diagnostics training with the CELETTE Naja Evolution 3D in an auto collision repair center setting.

CELETTE is known worldwide for easy and accurate systems for structural repair.  As the first step in the structural repair process, CELETTE’s Naja Evolution 3D diagnostics system was created with OEM CAD drawings for complete factory accuracy.

Naja provides technicians with unique views of the control points in relation to length, width and height, allowing an efficient damage analysis on a data base of more than 14,000 vehicles.

Course Content:

I. CELETTE Structural Repair Systems Introduction

– Understanding CELETTE Structural Repair Systems
– Identify parts and components
– Diagnostics Reports and Software updates

II. Naja 3D Operation:

– Naja set up in various settings
– Understanding proper use and accuracy
– Understanding software reporting

III. Hands on Training and Practice

Course Equipment: CELETTE Naja Evolution 3D