Aluminum MIG Welder Training – FAN Fronius Proton Pulse 270i

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Course Overview:

This comprehensive two-day course is reserved for auto collision repair technicians. This course provides hands-on Aluminum MIG Welder training with the FAN Fronius 270i.

Equipment OEM Approvals: Jaguar  |  Rolls Royce  |  Audi  |  Tesla  |  Mercedes Benz  |  VW VAS

Course Content:

I. Welder Introduction:

– Understanding Advanced Features and capabilities

– Identify parts and components

– Daily Maintenance and Equipment Care

II. Welder Operation:

– Welder Setup for each job

– Understand Proper Use and Functionality

– Troubleshooting Tips

III. Hands On Training and Practice

Course Equipment:

– FAN Fronius Proton Pulse+ 270i