Resistance Spot Welder

The Most Approved Spot Welder

OEM Approved

Bentley  |  BMW |  Buick  |  Cadillac  |    Chevrolet  |  Chrysler  |  Dodge |  Fiat   |  Ford |  Hyundai |  Infiniti  | GM Group |  Jeep | Lexus | Lincoln  | Maybach   Mercedes-Benz  |  Mini  |  Mitsubishi  |  Nissan  |  Porsche  |  Ram   Smart  | Sprinter  |  Subaru |  Suzuki  Toyota |  Volvo |  VW Group

Long Duty Cycles

Fully water cooled and double insulated

SMART Technology

Little to No User Input of weld parameters

Experience the Technology

The Most OEM Approved Resistance Spot Welder

The TECNA 3664P Smart Plus is an end of assembly line welder for auto makers. TECNA  manufactures welders for the vehicle assembly line and transfers that same technology for after sales utilization in the collision repair environment. Therefore, collision repair centers can own the same technology to Repair it Like They Built It.

  • Electricity Requirements: 3 Phase, 230V, 60 amp
  • Applications: Galvanized to Ultra High Strength Steel and Boron
  • Available Attachments: Optional Arms, Optional Electrodes
  • Consumables: Electrode Caps, copper paste


Special Features

  • All Steel grade applications, no restriction
  • Fully water-cooled, including transformer, diodes, welding gun, arms and electrode
  • Double insulated to add to life of welder
  • Output power 14,000 amps.
  • Squeeze force 1125-1575 lbs. max
  • Touch screen control
  • Lightweight cables


The Most Advanced Technology

Exceeding Industry Standards & Expectations

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